Shigeyama Takanori

The furniture which I think that I use it for a long time, and is made. There is value, and there has a meaning.

How to get along tools changed, too.

Shigeyama who shows a state to be private, and to be particular about furniture when "there is not the furniture which the thing which moved considerably before liked and still is never prepared". I learn a technique at school and am engaged in work of the furniture all the time even after becoming a member of society, and the repair of the chest is main work now. Is fond of manufacturing; "the pure furniture uses a tool or the hand tool energetically". I do the care seriously. It is the exhaustiveness which made the hammer to usually use when I cannot work when it is not a proper thing.

Top right corner: The favorite plane which I inherited from a senior of the former work. The lower right: The favorite hammer which I produced by oneself. Is the heaviest in a studio; it is said that cannot swim a stroke.

What I came to work in an old fortune hermitage and understood.


"I think that there is not a little the sense that cheap, easy furniture has good in young people now". But the furniture of the old fortune hermitage is entirely different. Shigeyama who I think that I use it for a long time, and is made watches the furniture of the Old fortune hermitage calmly and is it if unique. Judging from "the present sense, the furniture of the old fortune hermitage looks like a high price". But there is the value. I entered the old fortune hermitage and thought so. The high thing is different in making it, and clothes and the food are entirely different in taste. I noticed that a high thing had a meaning. I want you to buy the thing which is good for a visitor. The eyes of Shigeyama whom I bound so together shined very much.

A word from a representative

Was brisk; answer, and is a very comfortable young man working by brisk movement. I understand that I begin by having a visitor please and deal with work. It is a young, reliable craftsman to always enjoy an individual fashion.