Yamada Takeshi

I want to send you to the stage of the fine weather once again.

Manufacturing. The world of the fight with oneself.

It is work of Yamada that finish the furniture which a woodwork squad repaired to be able to be pleased with a visitor more. I perform color cases to show attractively in the large space that some big fans go around. Look back on the process that found its way to from a totally different type of industry work of the manufacturing; when "expect it for a person, it is difficult partly because expectation things more than it may come back, or is not so". But the expectation that the thing ran just comes back. When it is the world up to oneself, I laugh.

The left: The tool called "the gun" to spray paint on. I use plural things different in the size properly. In a studio of cold severe in winter hotly in the summer though "is hot, is a lot of sweat, or is, and drink around 3 liters of water, and is rather healthy in the summer?" Ha-ha sturdiness to laugh at.

An easy look to pour into curio furniture.


"Only as for the furniture which we sell good thing made." When I was able to do it, I should have had you please very much. When when want to send you to the stage of the fine weather once again, think; Yamada. "Conversely these disappear with the times if there are not us". In addition, I want to give the place that there is. By having gone along the old fortune hermitage. The look that Yamada turned to the curio furniture was easy very warmly. I influence a person again simply because it was finished like that and think that it becomes the furniture shaking a heart.

A word from a representative

It is the person who pushes forward work calmly plainly like the sea of the stereotypical calm if I decide the preparation.
I think that there is that I drift and push forward work well carefully in the policy as the craftsman.
It is really the gentle personality not to die out of the smile that is natural with garrulity when I talk.