Michiyo Andō

It can be said that Furufuan is a good shop with confidence.

The service is used to send merchandise to a store.

He was a master of polishing, and Ando.It is mainly used for the color of tansu and wax finish and polishing.If you don't want to brush it, it's the process of making a difference in the cloud of clouds.For example, the muddy surface is made up of wax, and it is glossy (the favorite of Ando is the place where the tree becomes twitzen in this wax finish).In addition, with a slight difference in the color of a different tree, black, brown, and yellow color are added to each other and the characteristics of the same type are arranged in a similar way to the over-the-counter style.

The workshop is a difficult environment.But I don't feel it at all." Work?It's all fun! Woofffff. " And he says with a smile on his face." Good night?I don't have a good time.I'm doing my job, " said a stunned word. Right: Ando's favorite tool set.The most difficult one is color adjustment, he said.

I will meet with you.It seems nice to have come.


It is now completely settled in the painting team of the Kobu-an, and the use of a shoe brush with a wax finish is actually a technique brought by Ando.I've also helped to improve my work." Kofu-an is a good shop.As the number of goods is overwhelmingly large, the customer is sure to come to a convincing one.We can also see the face of customers who stand in the store and buy them.It seemed to me that I had come to the right of my way.I have confidence and I am a good shop, " he said.

a word from a representative

If he polished the tansu, he would have had no one to the right.I am thankful for my polishing techniques to knit out a wonderful way without regard to common sense.This is a person who draws out the wonderness of the lacquer in the age.
I'm always impressed with the attitude of going to work silently.