Our story

For 100 years, I sustain it by a heart and a technique.

The times furniture, the housing part which we treated in the early days of the Showa era from last part of Edo era was made. During approximately 100 years,
These have been inherited with the passion of the builder and the love of the master in the everyday life of people until our generation.

It wants to leave these taste when it passed forever that we repair furniture, a housing part in the times,
And this is because it thinks that it wants a visitor to taste our this thought.
It is touched by the workmanship, the splendor so as to look if I watch the details and feels a feeling of respect in former 職人技.

In the present age, a heart is shaken to here, and the thing which I can use is not very often the thing which there is less routinely.
Therefore when we want to tie furniture, a housing part to the secular society another 100 years later as a successor in the times, I expect it heartily and carry it out.

The old fortune hermitage built up a strong base called the staff who shared will to think the work of a store and the warehouse which had friends of the whole country, the number of the display largest in the industry, stock, the studio which needed most effective and refined facilities and the Old fortune hermitage to be it that good until now.

Because it has a visitor just please. Had the visitor of beloved us purchase furniture, a housing part in the times;, until the next, is like that all the time, and is to have think that what buy in 古福庵 was good.

Furniture, a housing part snuggles up to the feeling of people forever in the times, and be existence to quench a heart as some life. We old fortune hermitage will continue making an effort with daily sincere work from now on.