Q.Do you ship an item overseas?

Yes, we do. We offer shipping by air and sea freight.
We estimate the delivery costs and choose the method of shipment according to the number of items to be shipped and the shipping destination.

Q. What payments do you accept?

We accept bank transfers, credit cards, and PayPal payments.

Q. How long does it take to receive my purchase?

International shipments:
It depends on the method of shipment and the shipping destination.
We will include the estimated delivery time in our quote for you.

Domestic shipments in Japan:
Your purchase will be usually delivered anywhere in Japan within one week.

Q. What are the approximate delivery costs?

International shipments:
The cost depends on the destination and the shipping method you prefer.
We will provide estimated costs on a case-by-case basis.

Domestic shipments in Japan:
The delivery costs by Kuroneko Yamato Household Goods TA-Q-BIN will be automatically calculated for each item you have purchased.

Q. Can I return the item if it is different from what I was expecting?

If your order needs to be shipped overseas, we cannot accept cancellation once we start the transportation procedures.
For a domestic shipment, we accept the return of an item within one week from the day you receive the shipment.
Please note, however, that customers must pay the transportation fee for returns.

Q. How do I make an inquiry?

We are available by e-mail on our Contact page, Messenger, Line, and WhatsApp.
Contact us, choosing whatever it is most convenient for you.

Q. Can I see actual items?

Please visit our Machida Branch.
We can keep items on hold for a certain period of time. Please contact us for details.