Yoichi Seno

I want you to touch it with your hand and check the finish.

The work of polishing is a lot of fun.

Seno is a young Hope from Kofukuan's polishing team. He is said to have a personality of immersing himself and pursuing until he is satisfied.

"100 years does not leave the same secular change as one. I try to fully understand each condition and make the best use of the taste. 』\ Seno who talks happily.

A field where you can concentrate on your work as if you were talking about a delicate lattice door.

Work by firmly accepting the feelings of the woodworking team.

"We, the polishing team, will take over the goods that the craftsmen of the woodworking team worked on while looking to the future and preserving the taste. At first it was pressure. Now, we think that the person in charge of polishing is the role that puts all the work together. We cannot deliver sloppy items. I want you to see, touch and feel the difference. 』\

Seno speaks with a straight look. I felt a strong love for the chest of drawers and fittings.

A word from the representative

Mr. Seno is a person who can be attentive to the woodworking team, even though he is a polishing team, if he thinks that the woodworking team is busy.

I also have a sense of responsibility that I can convey to the woodworking team as an opinion on the work method from the perspective of finishing.