Eisaku Takagi

Thought that I will be pleased with a visitor even if anything changes even if environment changesだけは never changes.


Through angry waves.

1994. I began with a tradesman, and a corporation of 2005 was the twists and turns and a challenge, continuation of the trial and error before the shop called the old fortune hermitage was established via becoming it. It is a company with a family in the mainstream times that the Internet has not yet spread, and there is the furniture dealer in the very large suburbs. From a state at a complete loss, I repeated an encounter and the parting with a great number of seniors, craftsmen, straying, study and I made the style of the Old fortune hermitage in now and gave power of a friend and the Internet that gradually gathered to a spring.

In Hachioji store. The first shop was this Hachioji store. I think that I was a rare person in those days to be in Tokyo.


For Era of the Internet, the last is trust with a person and the person.

The world where the top needs the top formerly. When ten years when I ran after a back of seniors earnestly passed, I felt it when a way of profit and the shopping of the information of the visitor changed by the Internet and poured power into a net. A certain youth said, "you were an aim" once and felt that the world changed from there. It is only one thought that I want a visitor to please as for what did not change. It cannot change in future either. I continue making an effort for bread by the trust from a visitor from now on.




Thank you for being always partial to old fortune hermitages. Our purpose having primarily a visitor please. All staff including a store and the studio shares this as an action guidance including me. The staff with various personality gathers in the bottom and wrestles for work happily. It is fewer joy if you can enjoy an old fortune hermitage to a visitor.