Kanda Masao

An unpredictable structure.A design without the same thing.An unsaturated search for energy.

Both the head and the body are all in full capacity.

They are repairing tansu (a chest) and fittings, and on the other hand, it is a veteran artisan and a god who creates a table."There are no two," he said.It is fun to think about how to do it, and restructure it."But on the other hand, there is no knowing when to think about it, so that it always flows so that it is always moving, and it changes the appearance of one piece of furniture in a moment.

It is a shinden that is a stubborn image, and is also a muddy maker. Right: Kanna o-iri Kana.It is a steel with "K-120" and is used for hard wood, such as zelkova. A tree gleam gleam when it is cut properly in a cana.It can be finished with the skin and makeup, and it can be finished with paint, but above all, it is a big matter.That's why the final kanna is obsessed with it.

That's because they are not polar.


"Sometimes I study when I get into things that are very different," she said.Cannah's sharp-cutting is also unconvincing.That's why we're going to keep going."It is a sacred rice field that is said to be a far-like in the private hobbies.Only when it is time for the furniture to attract the shinden, it may be that it is an "unmannered" thing, which has not been completely manual.


a word from a representative

Mr. Kanda is a veteran woodworker from the early days of the founding of Kobuan.
Anyway, I want to do my work politely.I'm good at producing furniture such as transom dining, so I can take it very carefully if I can tell you what you want to do.
I've recently learned that I'm good at slippering.