Izumi Yoshioka

Even if you have a difficult problem, you get over it.and respond to the client's wishes.The Kofuku-an TempleThat's the shop.

I'm always imaginating a client's house, but I'm talking about it.

At first, Yoshioka was a customer of Kofuan.He went to the Hachioji store and joined the early Kobuan."I didn' t think it was going to be a long time," he said, and he was deeply impressed by the Machida store.After working as a manager, he is now the manager of the machida store.Since I was a child, I love the drawing of a newspaper, and the imaginative power of nature and tempered imagination has been taken away by our communication with our customers.


Many people say that such things can be done, such as mending and repairs. In fact, the proposal to suggest that the mission can be made is an important mission in Yoshioka.


The mind can be very close to anywhere.

" I'm selling myself.I will never sell anything that is weird."OTC products are brought back as they are already done by the artisans and they are brought back to the market.In many cases, Yoshioka is the last contact between the customer and the antique furniture."I'm really happy that I'm going to come back to the store again and call it home again." Yoshioka, who is close to the customer, overboard the difficult challenge and attendant to his heart.I hope that one person can achieve a lot of dreams.


a word from a representative

Yoshioka is a regular goldhead, but the sense of responsibility is very strong, and if necessary, we are committed to doing business without hesiting to work overtime.
It's a mild, modest lida-ship with all the parts of the part.
The manager is the owner of the merchant shop, who is trusted by the staff as well as staff.