Kobayashi Akira

I've been a craftsman all the time. I want to thank the people who support me.

Going craftsmanship.

Since I was a kid, I have been using furniture and works of local artists with my parents, and I often go to exhibitions. Kobayashi has walked the life of a craftsman naturally. Since joining Kofukuan in 2017, he has been involved in a wide range of woodworking-related activities such as repairing chests of drawers and processing fittings. Kobayashi's work station is packed with various tools. Each one is systematically arranged. The cases piled up on the shelves are full of tools, tools, tools ... "I thought I'd use it someday."

An amazing number of tools in front of you. It is said that they are attracted to the tools and collect them. Bottom right: When I tried to imitate what a former craftsman made, the parts that "did not work at all". They are lined up on the wall mixed with tools so as not to forget.

Good things that people make are on the way of people.


After listening to the story, Kobayashi said, let me say one last word. "I would like to thank my wife and children for following me from Iwate." In this era, it should not be an easy path to continue to be a craftsman or to support a craftsman. The furniture of the times, which was once born and created by the love and passion of people, is inherited by the unchanging emotions of people even today. It was a word that made me realize that people's way of life has changed, but people's feelings will continue to be the basis of the world in which people live.

A word from the representative

Mr. Akira has been active as a joinery shop for about 20 years and is now fully exercising his skills as a craftsman at Kofukuan Kobo. The unsophisticated personality gives other staff a sense of security.
It's a job that reflects reliable technology and a gentle personality, so please feel free to contact us when you see it at the store.