To conveniently use the fittings of kurudo or Tabo

It is the fitting such as a storehouse door and the wooden door to have the quality that I cannot understand to modern people like a chest in the times such as a cupboard chest and staircase drawers. It is solid, and, as for the storehouse door, there are the produced main body of housing part, the beauty that a group was able to put high metal fittings of the decorativeness together there with the high-quality materials such as a zelkova and the hinoki. As for the lattice door, a very delicate lattice is made carefully one by one and is done a doorcase group and brings on a refined atmosphere. The carved wooden panel above paper sliding door of the wooden door has splendor of the each carved wooden panel above paper sliding door to a wooden door.

The materials are splendid, and, as for it, splendid space will be finished when the housing part which the craftsman who is much higher than the present age hangs time heartily, and the technique produced is used by a modern house.

However, some problem may occur if it passes like a cupboard chest for nearly 100 years. Splendid space is not only completed if I use it.
After confirming it to our woodwork craftsman, there was an answer when there was the slack of the degree that the slack with the wobble vinegared it to approximately around 60% of housing parts from experience again for the future, and wanted to do rectification.

After all, for the good use of splendid times housing part, there is a step, the preparation that you must go through happily.

It is total rectification of basic wobble in basics to introduce in this column.

It is the worst while a visitor meets the space structure of the dream in the case of new construction and a reform if the housing part which I used after completion shakes. It is more than enjoying the taste of the times including the precious storehouse door and wooden door.

What you should do is simplicity. I shake a housing part in right and left and if there is wobble, I take off a doorcase once and fully add paste and close it and perform rectification. I lay you well overnight and calm it.


The next column introduces our action to have you use it usefully again.