What you need to do to use Mizuya chest without stress Part 1

The work that is splendid so that what I understand is difficult is put for us who live in the present age even if the cupboard chest and the staircase drawers and the apparel chest take anything as for the chest in the times. However, taste splendid in 100 years is on, but a place worn out occurs.
It is the threshold to have intense abrasion in particular. The following stress occurs when I leave here.

1.Cannot perform the making a slip in drawing of the door smoothly; a door rubs again.
2.I fall down without enough height of the door.

For a factor big the abrasion of the threshold, re-well here; it is necessary to store it.
Because the threshold is worn; as the rail do not function. It is expected that the height of the door does not arrive because I can dig it below because I am worn.

I hit the threshold with this point old materials again in us and originally return it to the figure which there should be.
The figure which there should be originally means that I return it to the relations of a door and the threshold when a then craftsman brought about the cupboard chest.

Because a cause becomes clear, I can have you thoroughly enjoy the taste of the times without stress if you perform even coping carefully.

I explain a process of the work a little.

At first I remove the existing threshold once.


I drop the threshold produced with old materials next and make crimp.


The threshold of the finish such as the image was played. Adjustment of the door part is completion if I adjust it so that a housing part slips smoothly afterward between the new threshold and lintels.


Similar work including a counter chest and the glasscase having the threshold enters basically.