Add a hikite, and the door of the Mizuya tansu is even smoother.

It is the content that it wrote in a column of the other day, but it is very important that a making a slip in drawing door and a drawer move including a cupboard chest smoothly. I often receive the additional request of the handle than a visitor in the process. I think to be simple work, but it is not so easy without damaging existing coating and to work exactly.
Still I worked in the one which it was a part of the finish to make it easy to move it, and was very significant of the housing part.

It is the last supplementary work of the stage after a main thing called the adjustment of the threshold part was finished.
I bury a handle of the good-quality ebony. Because auction might match for the thickness of the handle when I jump out than the doorcase of the housing part, I use an implantation type. A delicate technique is demanded to level out it with a doorcase when it is implanted because accuracy is necessary for dimensions and is hard to take play.
It is natural, but I am buried when I dig it deeply too much, and it is necessary to dig the hole to be able to drop the size of the handle into tight. I plan it so that I drift with an exclusive supporting tool in us and am pushed forward well. Because it takes time too much when I confirm it one by one, it is prepared in available form anytime.

Because a cupboard chest is times chest, the handles are essential, and, for the visitor whom design-like partial はそのままが is good for, the which I want comes a lot because I want to use it with attachment in future.

Because I do not matter entirely, there is is good, bad, being with a feeling to perform the work that had you hope for us carefully. I work with scrupulous attention if you can understand because I am glad.