An early old private house of the Showa era was played in Shinagawa-ku.

It was reproduced without my favorite early old private house of the Showa era being demolished!

Besides, an old private house of the early period of Showa that I liked very much, as for it, it was regenerated 程近 くで of the station Shinagawa-ku of Tokyo.
Many old private house houses greet time of the dismantling.
"I hang down toward the lintel, and do you manage it though the threshold wears down?" 』
There was the question that seemed to be uneasy from a visitor.
The sauce of the lintel of the old private house appears in most, and it surely becomes the reason that cannot but give up replacing it of the housing part.


[the early days of the Showa era] want to value the sound that a heart is excited purely.

I was able to put it as I processed a width final stage height help to spot opening, and ordered.

The lattice door with glass of this change design was excellent at the affinity with the spot. I was able to put it only by adjustment of the height.

An old private house of the Showa that black and a dark brown hue were revitalized in a very wonderful atmosphere to a base.
What kind of people will come to live from now on?
All is convenient like a modern house, and there may not be it. Still I am glad that one to live carefully is woven.
We wrestle at maximum heat capacity from now on when we obtained such an opportunity.

I want you to survive in the times of the harmony to give it an order to start for a long time!