Create opportunities to share processing technology and experience. I want to grow up with my friends who are serious about antiques.

The left is before processing and the right is after processing.

It is a full-scale child door that has been processed by addition of width filling height to the site size.

There is a lattice door called Man-real child door. It is a fitting with a ridiculously delicate lattice. How many days were required to reach the level at which such fittings were allowed to be made?
There was a level where daily training could be reached for 10 or 20 years in a long time.
This time we are processing and delivering it again for modern customers.


Don't miss anything and don't miss anything.

Atsushi Kobayashi is an experienced worker in antique fittings almost every day.
Share tips for adjusting a few millimeters.

It's a



Woodworking furniture fittings craftsmen are always required to become familiar with large-scale woodworking machines. It is a minimum basic technology that must be reached if you pursue high-level work.
Although it is a large machine that is very difficult to handle, it has an overwhelming effect on tasks such as not bending millimeters and ingesting it.
It may be similar to professional chefs mastering kitchen knife cutting and cutting ingredients in an optimal way.
It was recalled that the famous chef kaiseki of Gion, who had seen it in something before, had taught his apprentices to sharpen their cutlery even in the gap time.
It is a word that remained in the mind at that time "What do you make with the knife which does not cut?".
Through various work processes in a sense of tension where errors in dimensions are not allowed, the width filling and height addition work of the full-scale child door was completed safely.
"It's difficult to process fittings. Iwabuchi-san's concentration and spirit are amazing, so it's okay. 』
Kobayashi says.