To live together, fascinated by Mizuya chest of drawers

The master with a gentle smile from beginning to end.

"The trigger was Mizuya chest. A wife who is very interested in the interior, who says with a refreshing smile, "I'm really fascinated."
"I especially like the beautiful appearance of Mizuya chests, and I'm attracted to the fact that they can coexist with nature with other furniture, even though they have a strong assertion."
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you for placing the Kyomizuya chest of drawers that we have delivered to you.

I feel that the opening and closing of the door has become more polite.

Mizuya chest that seems to have been close to the customer for a long time. It looks like I'm happy.

For display together with the tsuitate and flower arrangement between the columns. The colors overlap and the gentle atmosphere interweaves in the profound.

A stunning shoji door with a dignified beauty of hemp leaf geometric patterns.

A lattice door with a unique design that has been carefully produced.

The ideal space where the wife drew an image and the contractor and we helped.
Both the geometric fittings and the lattice doors are in perfect harmony.
"This is a plan that was achieved thanks to the cooperative support of the contractor and the careful processing work of Mr. Kofukuan's craftsmen with reliable technology. I received a word of effort from the customer.
There has never been a more happy moment.

"I am very happy every day to be in the ideal space that I have dreamed of for a long time. I want to invite a lot of friends and spend time. ”It's a very nice word.
As experts, we understand that getting to this point is not a trivial matter. Thank you so much for making us a part of shaping our dreams.