I served as relaxation and repaired an early chipped ice machine of the Showa era.

I look for malfunction while disintegrating, and cleaning it.
You should be able to reproduce…


I build it and am completion. I really look forward to it whether chipped ice became able to form it.


What time of times are chipped ice of the pleasure of the midsummer, too. I worked as such Kaai and others, and a chipped ice machine of the form played an active part in those days.

Our central work is woodwork-related, but such a pretty article sometimes drops in at the factory.

It is the chipped ice machine that Mount Fuji was designed this time by the front.
Because a nostalgic feeling couldn't help being pretty, I served as relaxation and challenged repair.

I have begun to sharpen it for a good feeling.

It is completion.

A pretty chipped ice machine of the early days of the Showa era has begun to work again.
I am sorry that there is not a pretty ice glass for a factory (笑).
It is concentration for woodwork work again from the afternoon.