Halfway Stairway in Kyoto

A frontage is small as a characteristic of the Kyoumachi shop and there are many chests of relatively narrow width and exists unlike other production centers in the depths because it is long.
When it is necessary to enter the second floor in limited space, rarely turn to the part slatted wooden flooring part in the front side unlike normal staircase drawers
Stairs made in a spiral exist.
I put staircase drawers in the closet, and it seemed to be in such a form that a half room opened a closet and went up it from the front, and to be crowded, and to go up the stairs halfway for the top.



It is the one unique at all that wisdom of the life that I open a door without taking off a housing part, and can just go up stairs has a glimpse and gets of the closets by doing it between odd numbers.


The place where naturally storage space is prepared for as for the front side well to utilize a small place effectively of the chance there is not
The characteristic of the Japanese chest is reflected.