Furniture and Buddhist altars are important !! Omi Mizuya chest

Mizuya-an is remembered by many people when it comes to the times of Japan.
There are many production areas, but mizuya-don, which is particularly popular among them, is the so-called Omimizuya Pass.
It is a splendid Mizuya Pass with a heavy atmosphere made in the hub north lake east region.
There are many shrines and temples in the surrounding area, and it is a shrine born from the area where the fingering technique is inevitably very high, and the people who live there have a high understanding of the finger thing.
The answer to what Mizuya-an is is that it was a bowl that stored the necessary tableware related to the work of the meal in the old kitchen. It is a cupboard.
It is a splendid finish enough to be able to say that it is a lattice-like fitting called Amizado as the most unique part of Omimizuya Pass.

A flat lattice is fastened 框 (wooden frame) and a large comb is fastened from the table, and a comb is also used as a design.
In addition, there is a Mizuya Pass which has been subjected to the same work as described above by roundly addressing the popular thing. It seems that this place was often made in the Hubakita area such as Hikone.
The round spending in the shape of the lattice part depends on the size 鉋 of the craftsman," and the width of the lattice is slightly different depending on the craftsman.
It is 框 that there is a person who is mistaken that bamboo is assembled.

In terms of size, there are many 6 shaku sizes, and in rare cases you can also find an oversly large 9-shaku size Omimizuya Pass.
In terms of design, the upper part is almost the same balance, but the lower part is placed a drawing of the rise to the right or left, distinguishing it from the usual two doors
It is recognized as one of the variations.

Recently, there are many voices that it is useful for storing toys for customers with small children, and alever the things that are stored have changed, the evaluation of the storage power seems to remain unchanged.