The ideal shape that I pursued-a deep homage to antiques-

Customers and our craftsmen chatting in a sense of relief after finishing the work safely.

[Deep homage to antiques]

We met our customers more than eight years ago. "I love stained glass and fittings that make you feel the Taisho romance. On the other hand, I also like the lacquer Mizuya chests of the Meiji era. 』\ At that time, the architectural plan that made your eyes shine. We also forgot the time and listened.

Storage shelves that utilize stained. It's a great way to use it.

A rare Mizuya chest of vermilion and black lacquer. It goes perfectly with pop tiles. Stunning color scheme.

Thank you for the miracle encounter

"Without the encounter between Mr. Nokiro Square Co., Ltd. and Mr. Kofukuan, I could not reach my dream, the ideal form. Thank you for the miracle encounter. It is an honor for us to participate in this grand project. I am filled with gratitude.

In a long distance, accurate work could not be done without the cooperation of Nokiro Square Co., Ltd., who was in charge of the site. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

It took about a month at our workshop to process almost all fittings, and stayed at the site for three consecutive days to carry out the work. I was able to experience the feeling of tension and fulfillment that followed. Above all, I am truly glad that it was completed after eight years and various events.

"It was a very good site. it was fun. 』\ Our craftsman Iwasaki talks quietly.

All the staff who are not participating in the field feel the same.


How to use the calculated time zone when the light comes in. The retro glass shines brilliantly.

The antique chandelier creates an even more atmosphere.

We also look at the origin again.

Beautiful antique furniture created by the extremely high technology of the time, such as glass doors, lattice doors, brewery doors and Mizuya chests. That is why I felt once again that customers may fall into a state of exploring the darkness in order to make use of it in the present age.

If our experience, technology, and know-how that we have cultivated can help us realize our plans, we must continue to hone ourselves without pride.

Thank you for your wonderful and enjoyable time.