813 milliliter per unit cost 13200 yen (including tax)
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It's a square piece of fittings.
There's a restless atmosphere of a single sheet,
If you draw the scenery of a bamboo sparrow side by side, you can see it
It is one of the first items to feel the face of a gracetime.

A sculpture with a motif of a bamboo sparrow that was given in a lattice.
It's a dynamic leap in space,
It's a smiling design with a lovely silhouette.

Would you like to make an interior of the atmosphere of a sum?

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Size 813x15x764
(mm/wdh) /1 sheet
Period The Taisho period and the early
Materials cypress
Types of shipping TA-Q-BIN ,30 kg

A beautiful large shoin with a bamboo sparrow, E8741cd, two sets of silhouette.

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