Width 1773 mm
The life force of the bamboo and the blue trees, the great power of the bamboo, was in the bamboo grove.
A sparrow that flies without busy is a cute sculpture transom.

The sharp look of the bamboo leaves is often expressed in the table.
It was as if the leaves were sounded like a sounded sound.

You can immercal glass between sculptures, so you can have a tight grimness,
Don't enjoy the style of a window that spreads over the place.

A craftsman specializing in our company's workshop
We have completed the loosening of the doors and the loosening of the fittings by the use of longitude.
In addition, when it is determined that it is necessary based on our standards, it is necessary to stand on a long-term basis.
We are carrying out the necessary construction work to tighten the necessary equipment.

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1773x30x374 (mm / re)
Taisho to early Showa period
西濃運輸 30kg

A beautiful and splendid bamboo and sparrow sculpture carpet

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