On the second photo, I'm wearing an alphabet from a to d.
Please check it out.

There was a bunch of things with a letter of celebration.

There are elegant faces with letters attached to the various forms.

How about the interior of the room or the store?

Please understand that the plate is not included in the product.

Prices are priced at one price.

Because it's a to d with pictures and dimensions,
Please fill out the alphabet in the book of the form input screen you have when you order.

After your order, you'll have to pay for the product you've completed.
Please use it because we have a free long-term storage service.
With regard to the details,"On free long-term storage services."See you.
160-253x81-132x12-20 (mm/wdh)
宅急便 60サイズ

DB6875a-d stock with picture-ticked confectionery (a:0 b:1 c:1 d: 1) active during celebrations

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If you are inquiring via LINE, please include the product number and the details of your inquiry.

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