The design that you can feel close to the spring season with cherry blossoms in full bloom spread out branches,
Carving with a recess in accordity with the sculpture, etc.
The fine and polite making like the hand is wonderful.

Fine pointing of the overlap condition and background of the flower, etc.
You can see the characteristics of Karuizawa carving, together with bright and glossy colors
There is an atmosphere with a Japanese atmosphere.

As it is, there is a gorgeous atmosphere even if it is an interior,
It is wonderful even if it is used for materials such as drawers of creative furniture.

Because it is finished, you can use it immediately.

The price is the price of one pair (4 pieces set).

We are connecting each member in a simple manner for photography,
Please note that each piece will be one at the time of shipment.

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879x25x134(mm/wdh)/1 piece
Taisho to early Showa period
宅急便 160サイズ

The set of Karuizawa carving of beautiful cherry blossoms blooming now DB3378a-d stock 4 sheets 1 set

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