There is a thought in each picture, and it is a cake type that the heart feels warm slightly.

It is lined with a, b, c, and d from the top of the left column.
a: 2 circles b: 1 large ellipse c: shrimp (sold) d: shellfish (sold)

It is lined with e, f, g, and h from the top of the middle row.
e: Character f: two parts of a large pattern g: two parts of a small pattern h: Kameko

It is lined with i, j, k, l from the top of the right column.
i: water bird j: sold k: rectangular shochiku plum l: vegetables

How about the decoration of the room and the shop?

There is a thing that there is no frame to take the mold, too.

The price is one piece.

There are different patterns from a to l, so please choose it when you order.

Please contact us if you need more than the number listed.
We stock a large amount of sizes and types.

If you wish to purchase collectively, there is a case where the postage changes
Thank you for contacting us in advance.
[165 to 229] x [18 to 48] x [71 ~ 125] (wdh)
Taisho to early Showa period
宅急便 60サイズ

Confectionery type DB1395a-l stock 9 pieces of each unique pattern

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