Gives off a glossy and deep color, the well -organized silhouette is beautiful,
It will be her kawai organ, where you can see the high level.

A watermark pattern floating in the background with bright colors is arranged on the front.
When the lid is opened, it is aligned with the characters and patterns that appear and elegant colors.
It makes you feel the style of the times.

How about an interior with a high -quality retro feel?

I hope you can use it with confidence
We have a firm list at our studio, so you can use it immediately.

After your order, the payment has been completed
We have a "free long -term storage service" at our company, so please use it.
For details,"About free long -term storage service"please look at.

size 1005x415x970 (mm/WDH)
Era Taisho -early Showa period
Material -
Shipping form Seino Transportation 160kg
Taisho to early Showa period
西濃運輸 160kg

Retoro furniture BB1494

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