Width 1323 mm
The iron band is carefully fitted into the lattice,
It has a robust taste together with the metal fittings of the frame.

Add a square decoration to the wainscot,
Beautiful heathered eyes emerge in the glossy color of lacquer.
The whole is tightened to enhance the dignified taste.

As a partition fitting with a wonderful presence
How about creating an atmosphere of a Japanese space?

It weighs 82 kg.

Professional craftsmen at our own workshop
We have completed the confirmation of loosening and wobbling of the tenon of the fittings due to long-term use.
Also, from a long-term perspective, if it is deemed necessary based on our standards,
We are carrying out the necessary re-tightening work of fittings.

For products for which payment has been completed after ordering,
We have a "free long-term storage service", so please use it.
Regarding the details,"About free long-term storage service"Please refer to the.
1323x65x1972 (mm/wdh) Frame: 58 inner inch: H1945
The End of the Edo Period - Meiji
ヤマト家財宅急便 Eランク

Width 1323 Millo !! Several heavy production is a stunning Owakura Toyuyama Tobe G1948

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