Masatomo Tadokoro

Work speaks eloquently, even if it doesn't say much in words.Experienced craftsmen who continue to see customers.

Just before delivering to the customer, the job.

Tadokoro is responsible for the overall finishing of the chest of drawers, which was requested by the customer during the final stage of finishing.For example, we are responsible for the process just before we deliver it to the customer, such as painting and polishing according to the specific request of"I want to make a color like this".Unlike the products that you put out in the store,the fact that there is a request from the customer means that the customer can see.And my work reaches the customer directly.I work with that sense of responsibility every day.

By the due date, we will bring it to the finish according to the customer's request.He's always fighting that sense of urgency. Top right:Tadokoro's tools.In the paint team, there are many tools that are shared so that everyone can work firmly.

I was surprised by the difference between myself and the customer.That will be the study.


Tadokoro says that when you stand at a store for a sale, you often hear the voice of the customer and get excited.It is interesting when you discover that you are looking for differences from your own ideas, such as criteria for good and bad, points to see, and this kind of thing, and it is also interesting to learn.The happy moment is that the customers are very happy when they go to the delivery, although they have not been able to go as far as before recently.Tadokoro is the most experienced craftsman in the paint team.We will not forget to move forward.

A word from the representative

It is Mr. Tadokoro who is the most experienced in the paint team.
It is a job with a sense of security that I will carefully and carefully recommend work because I am a veteran.I am impressed with the horsepower that I show the most here without spitting out a weak sound.
The sneaker style is known in kofukuan.