Takenori Sato

Kofun-an is a place where one's dreams are also embodied.

a streak of axe

Sato used to work at a fitting shop. However, to tell the truth, it seems to have had feelings for Nagisa for a long time. Right now, I'm swinging my arms to my opponent. In addition to adjusting the drawers and thresholds, he is also in charge of significant renovations, such as changing the size depending on the one or changing it to a TV stand if the condition is bad. "I can't do it even if I'm told to do it now. It's a good bag," he says, how to put it in the bag.

Sato's philosophy is, "If it's not easy for customers to use, no matter how beautiful it is, it doesn't make sense." Top right: "It's strangely convenient that I didn't have it before" I love the sub-shaku with sickle hair pull 100mm. Bottom right: When my teacher retired, he asked me what I wanted and 鑿 all of them ( only). It is famous among fitting specialists, but it is rare that there are few places to sell it.

The last scratching attracted the fateful encounter.


Sato says that even though he had always wanted antique furniture to work, he couldn't find a job and once gave up his dream. However, when I tried to scratch my feet somehow, I found a job offer in Kofun. I applied thinking that the world should not be able to do such a well, and it leads to now. Looking back on times, he said, "I wonder if there is such a thing. I think it's a job. My dream has come true," he laughs. "I've always wanted to take someone back and sell it when I saw a house that had no one to live in or abandoned furniture. Kofun was doing it, too. It's an ideal place."

A word from the representative

Mr. Sato is a very experienced veteran, but he has a passion for his work and has a very good influence on people around him.
When a very rare bag such as the Edo period arrives in the company, it is the owner of a friendly character who is most pleased.
He is an antique-loved person who always pushes his passion to the fore.