668 millimeters wide  The unit price is 132,000 yen (tax)
A very rare retro door with a height of 1884 millimeters was shipped in.

It's a wide wooden frame, and it's a lot of stability around it.
The eyes of the flow that are gorgeous and responsive are very beautiful
It feels a brilliant face in line with the wide wooden frame eyes.

How about the barn, the passage, and the corridor?

It is width-height processable.

Our own workshop is a professional worker
We have completed confirmation of the loosening of the fake of the building by the use of the years.
Also, when we think that we need to be based on our standards, we can see that we need to be in a long-term perspective.
Enforce the tightening work on the required building.

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668x29x1884 (mm/wdh)/1 piece Frame: 84   Inner inch: H1866
Taisho to early Showa period
西濃運輸 40kg

Width 668 mm Slim Size !! Powerful Book Do Not F6779 2 pieces Set



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