To the top of the texture after the times when I changed it into tasteful color taste around a relationship
It is the original table which let you cross your legs made firmly firmly.

Breadth is 1,250 millimeters and the size that are easy to work,
It is the convenient article that it is comfortable, and the warmth of the tree is felt directly.

Put it in the living; and of the temporary tableware and tool put it and is used for stands and
I decorate space with too many things as interior when I put a vase.

The fourth piece photograph is an image image when I placed it in the in studio gram.
Because it is not included to a product, approve the bits and bobs.

Be available in peace,
You can utilize it in re-one storing it immediately well in our studio.

When, after an order, I relate to the product which had I pay and complete,
Because there is "free long-term safekeeping service" in us, please use it.
When I relate to detailed contents,About "free long-term safekeeping service"Give me をご 覧.
1250x740x760 (mm / re)
Both the top plate and the steel legs are in the early Showa period
Hou / Iron
ヤマト家財宅急便 Dランク

Original table Ba7799 which I tasted a firm iron leg and combined with a certain top

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