Mina Kobayashi

There is only one piece of furniture that came before me, just one set of pieces.Work to connect with the customer.

You just move your hands.

It is a product that is used for repairing the tansu and the fittings that are supplied to the store.I have a large glass of glass.A delicate glass of antique furniture, not a tempered glass, is a work requiring very polite treatment, which is only about 1.5mm in thin.There is no difference between the glass side being treated by Kobayashi and taking the chest down."A clean thing, a complex and interesting thing is going to come back," he said.It's fun to just move your hands, " and smiles.

Not all of them can be fixed, but the broken curved glass is not enough to make it in the middle of it.We will still be the best in the form of "what can we do?" and "what can we do?"The work is said to be repeated.

a human warmth that can be felt only in antiques.


" The things we meet are always different.and had a rim in front of me.I work to connect it to a single client.So I want to make something that I want to be a client."I feel that I am having a really good job as long as I was happy to be happy with the client."Kobayashi is said to have been described by some staff as "more manly than anyone else."but his smile was full of softness and affection and kindness.

a word from a representative

Ms. Mina Kobayashi is a very polite person to do the job of a woman.There seems to be a great, selfter atmosphere, but in fact, it is a wonderful personality that can be very generous to you.If a woman wishes to be in charge of our company, please make a voice call.I also have a strong passion to hold firmly to the end.