Tōru Iwasaki

I just want to do a good job.I'd like to work more than your clients' expectations.

Every day I pursue technology with determination.

Iwasaki is a very impressive piece of Iwasaki with a soft, sweet smile and a soft tongue." I can't afford to work every day.I'm just my best to do everything I can to work with. " Iwasaki, who speaks a little bit shy, is always a kind of sweet smile.

I was forced to feel a sense of wonder, with a sudden change in my face, that I felt a sense of relief in my mind's concentration, and to feel a sense of relief.

I can connect it to 100 years.It is romantic.It's not easy.

The average age and fittings of the Kofuan is about 100 years old.It would be strange to be left in such a great state.But no matter how wonderful it is, it cannot be said that it is all right.

" The state is different even if they are of the same kind.Experience is essential in order to accurately judge each one.I want to work directly from the front to work every day, and I want to work more than the client's expectations. " I was able to feel the firm resolve in the gentle eye.

a word from a representative

Iwasaki is always so graceful about it.
There is always a high level of attention to our clients and our customers' concentration.
When you meet at the shop, please contact Antík, please contact you with your safety and confidence.