To move the sink doors and lattices as lightly as possible

Kurado weighs about 40 kilograms on average. There are a lot of kurado of about 50 kilograms from 100 kilograms in the heavy one, too. It is the one that the inquiry which is good for the customer is heavy and does not move. The answer from us is that you don't need to worry. There are various lattice doors, such as lattice doors with glass on the back, but the average is not so heavy, but there is a way to make it lighter. Itato etc. may become a considerable weight, such as a wooden itato, so the same weight measures are necessary.

It is to prepare the door car and to move it. It will be using the rail corresponding to the threshold portion. It is a form corresponding to the barrier-free of the mainstream recently. It is necessary to look at the compatibility with heavy goods door cars for heavy goods, but we have explained there from us.


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