Sendai chest with a long history that has continued since the Edo period

The Sendai tansu is characterized by its very rich metal fittings design, and a woodland painting characteristic of the excellent zelkova and chestpiece of the barley, which are made from the lacquer to make kagami-do (a mirror) finish.It is also very important to use a finger, paint, and metal fittings, so it seems to have been important in the production process, because the technique of finger-pointing is very high and the tansu itself is not good.
In the Edo period, it seemed to have been a samurai's sword or haori coat, but it was very reflected in the Meiji period and established a position as a high-class tansu (a kind of paddle-like tansu).

It is a high-class technique that takes a very long time to look at a beautiful zelkova in a mirror finish, by polishing more than 30 processes in a polite way.Many of the Sendai tansu that we deal with have gone through the same process.
It is a very exciting feeling to see if there were other water-tansu (a paddle) tansu (a wooden tansu) and other fittings such as a kurodo (a wooden door) and a wooden door (a wooden door) in various production areas.

On the other hand, it was thoroughly polished as a specialized process, and above all, the quality of the richness of the fitness and the quality of the thick fittings was boasted.In the center of the pattern, there is a metal fittings with chrysanthemum or pubis in the center of the pattern.There are many other rare kinds of gold, such as phoenixes and Chinese lions, and other rare kinds of gold fittings.

It is considered that the karakusa-mokon was adopted to evaluate the high quality of life without a cut in the Chinese grass, and to reflect the wishes of people's happiness.In those days, many of them were born in the form of karakusagoyo (a kind of Chinese herb) and haku-karakusa (a kind of debris), so people were attracted to that viability.

Some of the most rare metal fittings appear to have been similar to the image below.and you can see the high level of power as a growing region.