Fashionable Kurado Utilization Technique [Kurado Door]

In the previous column, I posted a method for using heavy fittings such as storehouses, wooden doors and latticed doors in a relatively light, safe and stable manner.This is a work method that emphasizes the light and smooth movement by moving various rails such as V-rails in addition to the traditional threshold Kamoi.
This time it is a way to forget the old usage and revive it as a modern door.If it is a storehouse door, a wooden door, a lattice door and a basic sliding door, it will be used as a door.


1.Use heavy-duty hinges.
Also adjust the number of sheets, paying attention to the load-bearing.

2.The door knob is installed on the main body.
In the case of solid age joinery, the inside is solid wood to the contents unlike the hollow flash joinery.Further important hozo Assembly part must be avoided, so it is necessary to process carefully.Problems such as the cylinder part of the door knob with a thin frame can not be accommodated also occur.However, please rest assured that this point can be resolved.

3.We will also install the key if necessary.
We will work together with the door knob to the storehouse door and Lattice door body.


Through the above work, wonderful kurado doors and wood door doors that are rich in individuality are born.


How about the door of the heavy living room, the wooden door of the private room and the door of the storehouse?
Because it is a very splendid construction,there is no doubt that a stylish Japanese modern space will be born!!