Fashionable Kurado utilization technique [Kurato table]

As the name suggests, Kurato is a heavy pull door that was used as a door to the storehouse in old houses all over Japan. Although this Kurato is made so large and heavy, it has developed with a rich personality as well as Mizuya Pass and Costume Bowl nationwide. Especially in the Hokuriku and Tohoku areas related to Kitamaebune, lacquered and decorated with heavy iron fittings, it is produced a splendid kurado. It is a place where the prosperity at that time of the area on the Sea of Japan side is enshrined.

We are working on various initiatives to make the best use of Japan's Kurado, which is proud of such a wonderful world. One of them is the production of Kurato table.
In the old days, foreigners who looked at the high quality of crafts, including Japanese period carpets, lay down on their side and used them as tables. Because there is a side which is not so good as the use of stability and the door only by puting it in our company, the processing of the leg is done in the form which can be detached.

When I started making it more than 10 years ago, it was an all-in-one type, so there are many problems such as not being able to carry it because it is too heavy or not being able to pass through a narrow place, and I have cleared it one by one and have reached the present.I pay particular attention to the reinforcement of the attached part of the leg. A solid single plate is embedded and it is fastened with a nut with high strength. The effect that can be tightened according to the movement of the tree has been obtained.

We love this sound of making a one-point Kurato table for our customers only. The required size is also various, and it is also possible to adjust the size of the Kurado body first, and then manufacture it according to your wishes, such as the height of the legs.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested. I will explain it many times, and I will make a one-point Kurato table.