An ideal space where you can enjoy antiques from all over the world

An ideal space where you can enjoy antiques from all over the world

A modern space born in black and white, black and white, with a clear concept.

By the time they were in their 20s, they were interested in antiques and had been able to experience antiques from all over the world and enjoy the charms of each of them.
I was determined to live in a Japanese modern space with antiques on the opportunity of marriage and new construction, and I was allowed to interview the history of the realization.

I think that each scratch of antique furniture is history and an adorable expression.

A couple enjoying antiques.
When he was in his twenties, he started going to a flea market, and while he was looking at various things, he began to think that scratches and rust were also delicious, and when he noticed it, he was fascinated by it.
He was attracted to antiques all over the world and enjoyed the goodness of each of them.

Extremely delicate grate fittings. Retro glass at that time looks wonderful.

Blue glass add a nice accent to the wall of the wall.

I was allowed to produce additional as a parting of Taisho Roman color glass door.

Because it is the age of the Internet, I want to value action.

Four years ago, the customer thought about creating a space in Kofun Pass, even though he was not in a state of condition.
"I was looking at blogs, guest residence galleries, etc., so I didn't have any big concerns."
"Actually, I was glad that they responded to me in a way that gave consideration to my daily life, such as the construction surface that I did not know who to consult with, and the construction method to a place without walls. I thought it was just the first floor, but I've made it to the second floor."

The reason why we are working hard every day as experts in antique furniture and fittings is because we want to share this moment.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
We will continue to work hard to help our customers realize their dreams without neglecting their technical training.
Thank you very much for your kind cooperation in this interview.