[Taisho Roman] ~ Exciting and wonderful words ~


The wilderness and us met through this word, and the wilderness is the best customer who has done the work of making the old-fashioned to modern houses. I will not forget the words of the hard work that I have finished all my work.

I hope that a very ordinary person like me can borrow the power and wisdom of Mr. Gofuku and make a house I have imagined since I was a little bit, and that the number of people who have been living on the website increases by one person.

Nomi and Nimiya look back to nostalgic for the period of sharing one purpose.

After receiving the request for an interview from us, Nimiya, a woodworker who is the head of the construction agenda of the Noya House, visited Nom in a few months.
There was something that Nimiya wanted to say first.
“Didn’t you feel uneasy when you left us alone?”
This store was a work that was a good work for a craftsman who liked bones, and he thought he would be able to cherish the building he had bought to the end.

A novel reading space, a nice space where a lot of time is engraved.


The beautiful glass door is a reading space where everyone is enjoyed, and the children are now centered on comic books, so if you want to read comic books, you will be able to touch and move color glass buildings. The space where the building of the Taisho period exists like air in modern life.
I am glad to have been around the family of Nono and time.

I thought it would be nicer than I imagined, but I was very happy to be a living with a nice atmosphere that exceeded it, and I was very happy to see a nice smile.
This time, I thank you very much for your precious time.