~ Everyday you enjoy the birds in Kamakura, Goto.


KAUGU, Japan, July 18 (UPI) -- A beautiful sea and a leading tourist destination in Japan attracting many tourists all year round to the attractive shrine Buddha.
The guest house was built today on a quiet hill a little away from such a choreograph, and I was very pleased to see that I was able to talk to you because I had repeatedly met him.


“I’m always listening to the birds, and I’m going to have to drink coffee on the pot table. I feel good to walk on a walk course.” How much I enjoyed the beautiful Kamakura LIFE, and I feel good for me to see the strange smile of the couple.
It is a moment to think.

The co-starring of soft light is lovely.

It is a sophisticated building that is uncompromising.


I love the antiques of the Japanese that I introduced at the guests' gallery the other day.
“I told you that I would have gathered something I liked here, and I liked it in a coincidence rather than the sense of looking for it,” he said, and he was impressed by our shop.
I am firmly aware that the existence of our shop is here, and I am very happy to see it.
Thank you very much.

Image delivery, Kamakura Design Workshop.