About Kofukuan

People are moved by craftsmanship and the artisan’s passion.
We will pass on that excitement for another 100 years.

The furniture was impeccable. Therefore, it was passed down for as many as 100 years until today.
No matter how fine it might be, however, it can sustain damage and stop functioning in 100 years.
With the old craftsmanship we learned through Japanese antique furniture, we have finished and restored furniture to good quality so that customers are happy with our work.
We then have delivered the restored antique furniture as soon as possible to customers in a form with which they are most pleased.

We want antique furniture to remain close to people’s lives life forever and to enrich people’s feelings.
We will pass on the sensations created with an artisan’s skills and passion for 100 years into the future.
That is the Kofukuan commitment.


Our business

Our business


After receiving antique furniture or fittings from a customer by chance or our peers through our nationwide connections, we take measurements and photos, and then store and management it in our warehouse until we complete the restoration.

Our business


Repairs are indispensable for new owners to truly appreciate antique furniture and fittings stress-free. Our expert craftsmen carefully restore them so that they function and fit into modern life as well as can be used for a long time.

Our business

Photo Shooting

Once the restoration puts the item into a good state for distribution, we take photos of each item at our own studio for our website. We take as many photos as possible from the customer’s perspective, trying to make it easier for potential customers to select an item since they cannot physically touch it.

Our business


Knowledgeable staff are available in our shop. On Sundays, craftsmen from our workshop are also available in the shop to help customers. We believe that you can find your favorite furniture there as we have the widest variety of items in the industry.

Our business


After a customer has purchased the item or we have made adjustments to the item at the customer’s request, we pack it carefully and deliver it. You can use the delivered item right away because they are already restored for display in the shop.

Our business

Installation and Creating Space

Kofukuan installs furniture and fittings at customer’s residences together in cooperation with customer’s building contractor. In addition, we offer support to our customers in creating the space that matches the image in their minds.



Thank you very much for your continued patronage of Kofukuan.


The object of our company is to please customers by providing high-quality antique Japanese furniture.

This is shared as action guidelines by all personnel, including all employees and me in the shops and the workshop.

All of us provide our best efforts every day to improve as antique furniture experts.

It will be a sheer pleasure for us if our customers find Kofukuan enjoyable.


Machida Branch

We make constant efforts to exhibit large number of items for promoting
new discoveries of high quality antique Japanese chests and Japanese
fittings for our customers. We exhibit high quality products including
kitchen chest, clothing chest, glass case, retro furniture, and tasteful
antique tools on the first floor.
Utilizing the full second floor, we exhibit large number of Japanese
fittings including Warehouse Door, Lattice Door, Wooden Door,
Glass Door, and Ranma. Our diverserange of fixture pricing enables
a fit choice according to your plan and budget.
We also have a section for you to actually move and arrange Japanese
fittings to enrich imagination of your planning.

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Machida Branch


By train


Takimino from taxi (approximately 1,000 yen)

Bus from Sagami-Ono Station (170 yen)

Bus company: Kanagawa Chuo Kotsu(Kanachu)
System/via: The 13th Line via Nakawada-Junkan(Circulating Rout)
Destination: Sagami-Ono Station Minami-Guchi (South Entrance)

Get off at the Nakawada bus stop
About 5 minutes walk from the bus stop (approx. 300m) At the Nakawada intersection on National Route 16
(seing TOYOTA on the left, HONDA on the right), make a right turn without crossing the traffic signal, on the right
hand side after walking about 250m From not only to walk about 250m, turn right at Yokohama right hand
* Due to the nature of the circulating routs, there may be approximately 7~16 minutes difference in time required
according to the rout taken (varies by time zones)

By car

Parking space has capacity for 7 cars.
In addition, space for a single wheelchair is dedicated for the guest with wheelchair.


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Bus company: Kanagawa Chuo Kotsu(Kanachu)
System/via: The 13th Line via Nakawada-Junkan(Circulating Rout)
Destination: Sagami-Ono Station Minami-Guchi (South Entrance)
Get off at the Nakawada bus stop

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