From the existing screen door to the Taisho Roman color glass door! !

Antique glass doors in a good place


We will introduce the customer residence where Taisho Roman color glass door was replaced with an existing door only in a special place.
We usually receive the following consultation from our customers.
"It seems to be very difficult to change the fittings to antiques completely, I want to change the fittings that I like little by little over time."
The customer residence I will introduce this time is a success example that is a wonderful example to those who receive such consultation.
It is a very important customer residence that we were allowed to study very much.

Here are some great things that don't stand out.

The threshold side was carved with a normal groove, but I used it as it is and embedded the V-rail.

Because there is a groove in the normal threshold, it is difficult to change it to V-rail specification as it is. The because the groove is not completely flat by the movement so far, and the construction of the V-rail does not remain either.
The situation of the customer residence is not all the same, and the experience of searching for the way to use it up to now and leading the solution is a living form this time.

We were able to create an environment where V-units could be used and moved more lightly without major modification work.

Please take a look at the image before and after the renovation.

From the Craftsman

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