The ideal form that arrived after trial and error

"The ideal form that came to the end of trial and error, the road to this point was never easy. The wife who says so and sends a gentle look to the master and the appearance of the smile as if it were a boy.
We are a customer couple who are grateful for various encounters, but I was very impressed by the story that they were set up in peace without rushing and not panicking.

This is a customer residence that plans to proceed with new construction in the form of an old private house on the site that is originally planned to be built.
"I wanted to break old things and make use of them instead of building new ones.
This was a higher hurdle than I expected, and I couldn't find a good encounter even if I went around here and there," he recalls with a smile.

It is said that handmade parts of the master are used in various ways, such as kitchen storage and its tiles. It reflects the spirit of making the most of it, not destruction.
Ina sculpture inter-column dining table that I was allowed to produce in Kofun Pass. It seems to blend into the life as if it had been used for many years.
The table that we have create is blending into the family's caressy daily life. It's our ideal. There is no doubt that our craftsmen were looking at this scenery when they put together an antique column on a table.
This is also the type of thing that reflects the customer's idea above all.

An ideal space with retro antique furniture and high-quality historical fittings.
I can't help but think that the customer's calm behavior came to this encounter when I met a beam that I could share my ideals with.
I am very happy that we were able to participate with all our strength.
It is necessary to increase the understanding of the fittings more than ever, and to be useful for the realization of the ideal form of the customer. I strongly feel that I have to make an effort to be able to say that I had a good encounter with us later.