Width 1267 mm, height 1993 mm

Using hemp leaves, cherry blossoms, sesame and three different groups,
Because it is designed so that a large pattern is moving in the center,
I will breathe without thinking about that beauty.

Since precisely, the surface and the back of the group are concentrated on the surface and the back side, so
I will show you the wonderfulness of the era that does not change forever,
It is familiar with the room in Japanese modern room.

As traditional techniques do not see the glowing,
As with the bags, how is it as a furniture to leave in the future?

The weight is 38 kg.

Professional craftsman in our company studio
We have completed the confirmation of the loosening of the fittings of the fixture by the use of ages.
In addition, when it stands from a long-term perspective, it is determined based on our standards,
We are carrying out the locking work of the necessary fixtures.

After ordering, for the product that you have completed payment,
Please use "free long-term storage service" at our company.
For details,"Free long-term storage service"Please refer to the.

size 1267x67x1993 (mm / wdh)
Rod width: 74 Inside: H1963
Age -
Material -
Dispatch form Rakuraku Kazai Takkyubin D Rank
ヤマト家財宅急便 Dランク

Kurado G2089

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