1225 mm wide
the beautiful natural atmosphere of the wood-eyells and the color-flavored Keyboard-Ting-board
which is polite in a frame,
I have a feeling of stability and a sense of stability with bandboard fittings and large metal fittings.

with rivetted large armor and band of cingled iron
with a sense of astringent colour and the texture of the surface
You can feel the flavor and tastes of times of time.

Would you like to have a sense of presence in the right of view?

containing the projection part of a metal fittings
The thickness of the thickness part is 60 millimeters.

It weighs 68 kilograms.

A craftsman specializing in our company's workshop
We have completed the loosening of the doors and the loosening of the fittings by the use of longitude.
In addition, when it is determined that it is necessary based on our standards, it is necessary to stand on a long-term basis.
We are reclosing the necessary doors and working on the necessary equipment.

After your order, we have received your payment with respect to the product.
We have a "free-and-run, long-term storage service" for you.
For details on the details of the report,"Free Long-Term Storage Service"for the following:
1225x53x1870 (mm/wdh) Frame size: 53   Inner inch: H1828
ヤマト家財宅急便 Eランク

Width 1225 mm natural weathering boards with ornamental ornaments with a metal ornament on the board, G1843 Uchitoki (a Japanese style of ornamental ornament)

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