Width 932 mm
The Diamond Glass is fitted in, and the glittering light is inserted
From the lattice of deep, ancient shades, graceful mokume emerges, etc.
You can feel the retro texture and taste.

The low waist makes the delicate arrangement of the Senbon lattice stand out more
There is a calm face from the mokume of the waist plate and the color of dark tea.

The light of the gentle atmosphere through the wide opening thousand lattice
It will reach the room.

How about creating a Japanese atmosphere in your shop or room?

Width height can be processed.

We are a professional craftsman in our own workshop
We have completed confirmation of the loosening and wobble of the tenons of the joinery due to aging use.
In addition, when it is judged as necessary based on our standards from a long-term perspective、
We are carrying out re-tightening work of the necessary fittings.

The price is the price of 1 piece.
We will sell from 2 sheets.

When we use Seino transportation、
As you can not specify the time of delivery, thank you for your understanding.

After your order, regarding the product that you have completed payment、
We have a"free long-term storage service", so please use it by all means.
For details、"About free long-term storage service」Please refer to our Privacy Policy.
932x30x1765 (mm/wdh)/1 piece Frame: 38``Inner inch: H1753
Taisho to early Showa period
西濃運輸 40kg

Width 932mm flow of the mokume and the arrangement of the lattice is beautiful Osaka Senbon lattice door F6773 stock 1 piece

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