Width 606 mm a: Photo Left, B: Photo Right [Sold-out]
While doing the beauty of the woods as it is,
The clear of the contour flows beautifully,
Aligned with a well-incorporated grid grid, along with the beauty,
I will resonate my mind.

While dividing the space,
It is a traditional fixture design that can be seen casually from the grid,
If it is a locking place to the entrance and the garden,
It has a calm and calm down.

Please use the taste that is likely to do with space production.

It is possible to process the width height.

We will introduce you at the time of the atmosphere at that time.

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606x35x1720 (mm/wdh) / 1 sheet 框 width: 35 Inner dimensions: H1695
Taisho to early Showa period
西濃運輸 40kg

Width 606mm Slim Size!! Beautiful white wood fittings in a bony lattice F6314ab stock (a:1 b:0)

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