Width: 550 mm (right of photo), b: 268 mm (photo left)
Slow down the yellow and green antique glass in a steady and thickening material.
This is the atmosphere of the Taisho Roman atmosphere, which is made up of a nice, arched door.

The view of the coloured glass, which is warm and warm, is good and comfortable.
with glassy like the petals of roses, and decoration on the plate with small shunted bands.
You can see a fine obsession.

The presence of the people is a flock.
I'm going to be the star in my room, and I'm going to pick you up,
This is a very popular and stylistic retro-door.

A craftsman specializing in our company's workshop
We have completed the loosening of the doors and the loosening of the fittings by the use of longitude.
In addition, when it is determined that it is necessary based on our standards, it is necessary to stand on a long-term basis.
We are carrying out the necessary construction work to tighten the necessary equipment.

The price is a price for a set of two sets.

It is a two-way delivery due to its differences in size.

If Nishino Transportation was used,
Delivery time cannot be specified, so please accept the request.

After your order, we have received your payment with respect to the product.
We have a "free-and-run, long-term storage service" for you.
For details on the details of the report,"Free Long-Term Storage Service"for the following:
All: 818x30x1812 a: Frame 550: 57 b: Frame 268: 48 (mm/wdh)/1 piece
Taisho to early Showa period
西濃運輸 120kg

Taisho Roman !! Modern Design Color Glass Dore F5987 In Stock 2

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