834 mm wide*Please confirm the shipping charge below for customers who buy multiple tickets.

It is a dunting geometric band;
It is a glamorous accent.

It's a light material building,
You can display it on a wall and display it on a wall.
You can install a wooden frame and use it as a small transom-to-rail device.

Please help us create a good space for a comfortable sum of places.

The price is a price.

We ship with you when you have purchased them together.
In this case, the charges will be reduced, so please feel safe.
After you have made your changes, please contact you immediately after you have made your order.
and the weight and design of the design that you can't pack,
Please be aware that the amount of the transfer fee will be generated.
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This is done, so you can take advantage of it.

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Size 834x18x430 (mm/wdh) /1
Period The Taisho period and the early
Materials cypress
Types of shipping TA-Q-BIN 160 sizes
宅急便 160サイズ

Ranma material EZ1527

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