Width 441 mm x4

By reducing the number of vertically incorporated vertical lattice
By drawing a fan -shaped space and adding a sculpture there
It makes you feel good.

In the wood color color
The texture that has repeatedly overturns is added, so
The taste depth is also transmitted.

Please use it to create the Japanese taste of rooms and shops.

The price is the price of one set (set of 4).

A specialized craftsman in our company workshop
We have completed confirmation of loosening and wobble of fittings due to aging.
Also, if you take a long -term perspective and judge that it is necessary based on our standards,
We are working on re -tightening the necessary fittings.

After your order, the payment has been completed
We have a "free long -term storage service", so please use it.
For details,"About free long -term storage service"Please refer to the.

size 441x30x1020 (mm/WDH)/1 sheet
Frame width: 21 inner dimensions: H1000
Era Taisho -early Showa period
Material Japanese cypress
Shipping form TA-Q-BIN 180 size

Shoin set EZ1422

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